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Green-Win Newsletter - July 2018

13 July 2018
Newsletter #7: News from the Green-win project
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The Ability of Societies to Adapt to Twenty-First-Century Sea-Level Rise
June 2018 | Publisher(s): Nature Climate Change | Author(s): Jochen Hinkel, Jeroen C. J. H. Aerts, Sally Brown, Jose A. Jiménez, Daniel Lincke, Robert J. Nicholls, Paolo Scussolini, Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla, Athanasios Vafeidis, Kwasi Appeaning Addo
Against the background of potentially substantial sea-level rise, one important question is to what extent are coastal societies able to adapt? This question is often answered in the negative by referring to sinking islands and submerged megacities. Although these risks are real, the picture is incomplete because it lacks consideration of adaptation.
Community-Centred Infrastructure Design Process for Resilience Building in South African Informal Settlements: The “Genius of Space” Solid Waste and Greywater Infrastructure Project
May 2018 | Publisher(s): Case Studies in the Environment | Author(s): Lauren Hermanus, Sean Andrew

This article presents an analysis of the case of Genius of Space waste and wastewater management infrastructure in the Western Cape, South Africa. While the process has been imperfect and slow to show results, this analysis reflects on the gains, lessons and potential for replication that this work has produced. The Genius of Space approach adds to a growing area of practice-based experimentation focussed on incrementalism and adaptive development practices in urban environments, particularly in developing countries.
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