Positive Tipping Points in a Rapidly Warming World

Resource | March 2018 | Autonomous University of Barcelona, GREEN-WIN
Tipping points fundamentally and irreversibly change the structure and intrinsic functioning of a given system of reference. Most research in sustainability science and integrated assessment has focused on examining the catastrophic, abrupt nature of tipping points in biophysical systems or the implications of the realization of such crises or of crossing such negative thresholds for policy a
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Technology Diffusion and Climate Policy: A Network Approach and its Application to Wind Energy

Resource | March 2018 | Ecological Economics (Elsevier)

The role of technology transfer in the mitigation of climate change has been strongly emphasized in the recent policy debate.

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The Changing Value of the ‘Green’ Label on the US Municipal Bond Market

Resource | January 2018 | Nature Climate Change

Green bonds are seen as a key instrument to unlock climate finance. While their volume has grown steadily in recent years, the impact of the ‘green’ label on the bond market is poorly understood.

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Energy Poverty Eradication and Climate Resilient Livelihoods through Win-Win Solutions

Resource | March 2018 | Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Cape Town, Su.Re.Co., Development Alternatives (DA)

Climate change does not only pose increasing risks to local livelihoods and economies, but also provides a large array of opportunities for social innovation and international collaboration. Any attempt at limiting global warming below will require new forms of green businesses and of economic collaboration.

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Disruptive Innovation and Win-Win Strategies for the Sharing Mobility Economy

Resource | March 2018 | Environmental Change Institute (ECI)

This policy brief, Disruptive Innovation and Win-Win Strategies for the Sharing Mobility Economy, published as part of the Green-Win project provides insights into the disruptive innovation of the sharing economy which is occurring in the urban mobility sector.

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