The emergence of collaborative transformative capacities for urban sustainability in Barcelona

06 July 2018 | by Dr. J. David Tàbara, Pacia Diaz, Dina Hestad, Louis Lemkow

Although Barcelona is generally regarded as one of the most vibrant cities in Europe regarding the development of smart solutions for urban sustainability, many difficulties and problems still remain, e.g. air quality issue.

Can Societies Adapt to 21st Century Sea-level Rise?

29 June 2018 | by Dr. Jochen Hinkel

Sea-levels may rise substantially above 1 or even 2 meters during the 21st century. To what extent will coastal societies be able to adapt?

Sustainability transition through energy efficiency in the housing sector of Istanbul

22 June 2018 | by Mahir Yazar, Dr. Ali K. Saysel

Energy efficiency is promoted by the International Energy Agency as the ‘hidden fuel’ that contains one of the highest potential for climate change action globally. The EU’s energy efficiency mandates are some of the prerequisites that Turkey has to follow during its process of EU accession.

Challenges to establishing agroecological SMEs

22 June 2018 | by Elena Apostoli Cappello, Dr. Sander van der Leeuw

Successfully establishing an SME (Small and medium-sized enterprise) that markets local produce outside established distribution networks is challenging and not always successful. It is attempted in many different parts of Europe and the world, and better understanding of the dynamics involved...

Transforming urban mobility towards sustainability through the sharing economy

21 June 2018 | by Dr. Yuge Ma, Dr. Diana Mangalagiu, Dr. Thomas F. Thornton

Shanghai is one of the largest cities and most vibrant economic centres in the world. Rapid urban sprawl together with population growth in the past 30 years has placed severe pressures on its infrastructure and ecology, especially on the transport system. The city’s notoriously congested and...